As the cost consultant, we assist our Clients to achieve the best outcome of a construction project by controlling and reviewing their cost at every stages of the project. We can help our Clients from the inception stage until the completion stage. Along the way, TeamworX will inform Clients periodically regarding the actual and predicted expenditure so they can plan their financial management accordingly. We provide an integrated service that covers: 

Pre-Construction Phase


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At TeamworX, we also help our Clients to prepare tailor made contract agreements for the appointed contractors based on International Standard Contractual Agreement for Construction (FIDIC) and National Standard Contractual Agreement for Construction (UUJK).

Once the contract is signed, we offer periodical review of the contractual performance of each party from the references of the progress reports and other supporting documents. Ultimately, different opinions between parties may escalate into disputes and TeamworX can provide strategic management advice, mediation, arbitration, litigation support, and expert witness services.