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TeamworX Highlight

There are many things that have been happening at our office since beginning of this New Year:

  • TX is now certified ISO 9001:2015 since December 2018
  • Our engineers are in training for BIM 360 and Revit
  • New launched website since beginning of February 2019. Please check it out at www.teamworx.co.id

Message from the Senior Management

An employee newsletter is an excellent place for a message from the President of the company. This article serves several purposes. For the President, it offers a way to communicate the company goals and status to employees at all levels.

For employees, it provides a better understanding of the company’s goals and status, as the President sees them. If you want to create a sense of connection between employees and the president, you can use this column as a forum wherein the President can answer questions sent in by employees.

This column is also a great way to inform employees of big company news before it hits the TV or major newspapers.

To make this column successful, you should ask the president to be as candid and honest as possible. This is a place to inform employees, not promote a project or sell an idea.

Industry News

Highlight news about other companies in your industry. This can include news on competitors as well as companies that provide your company with products or services.

It can help employees get their job done more efficiently and effectively to know such things as the features of a competitor’s new product, a release date for a new product that could help in their work, or innovations that may change how customers work.

News from Human Resources

Any job openings from the HR