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TeamworX thru its join operation with Panca Jasa called “Team Module” operates a production facility in Gresik for the production of prefabricated buildings and delivery of complete turnkey camp facilities from 50 up to 5,000 persons. The key to delivery of prefabricated buildings is mostly “time”, Clients are in urgent need, and “remote areas”, no building materials are available. Based on the requirements from a Client, which could be detailed or very broad, TeamworX is capable to design complete facilities, which may include :
  • Buildings for accommodation, offices, clinics, kitchen, dining, freezers, chillers, dry stores, laundry, recreation, etc. including furniture, fittings and equipment.
  • Utilities for water (waterlines, tanks, water treatment plants, pumps, etc.), sewer (sewer lines, sewage treatment plants, etc.), fire protection (fire protection lines, hydrants, pumps, etc.), power (cabling, power house, etc.), telecommunication (television system, etc.)
Upon contract award and agreement on design Team Module will, from its 40,000 m2 facility in Gresik procure all the necessary materials for the project and fabricate the buildings.

TeamworX has developed its own unique lightweight metal framed prefab building, the so called Rapid Response Module, RRM®. The RRM® is designed to minimize transportation cost by folding a 50 m2 building into a 15 m2 Twenty Feet Equivalent Unit (TEU) footprint (8 X 9 X 20 feet).

In addition Team Module can deliver Container Modules if so required by Clients whereby used containers are refurbished into any of the above facilities.

Team Module will provide specialist supervisors for training or for assistance with the installation of the RRM®.

If so required Team Module can also arrange for transportation and install the complete facilities.

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( RRM® is a registered trademark of TeamworX )
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